Country Reports are online!

The first visible results of the projects are available. The country reports give an insight into the legal and practical framework of the professions of Architects and Civil Engineers and of general aspects of gender equality in each partner country.

They build the first part of the so-called “Compendium 4 in 1” that will combine the project results at a view (1. Country Reports / 2. Best Practice Examples / 3. Career Tracker / 4. Strategic Considerations and Policy Recommendations).

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YesWePlan – Logo

Haste makes waste: After a long discussion process the project partners decided on a logo for the project. The requirement was a good design making women planners visible and transporting  the message of the project without being  too obvious. The chosen logo was done in Slovenia by Gigodesign.

Project partner meeting in Ljubljana

The first project partner meeting  took place in Ljubljana from 6 to 8 November 2019. Project details were  further defined and administrative procedures clarified. Participants also visited best practise examples such as the  Plečnik house that was renovated in 2013 by ARREA Architecture led by female architect Maruša Zorec. Her office is one of the famous architects’ offices in Slovenia.