Project Partners

The partnership represents the national chambers of chartered engineering consultants and architects from Austria, Germany and Slovenia, the gender equality group of the Technical Univ. of Valencia/Spain, the gender VET expert ARVHA from France, and lastly the dissemination, QM and measuring tool development expert OXYS from Germany.

Who we are

We are professional and educational institutions in the field of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Within the partner organisations female Architects and Civil Engineers that are active in the professions have defined the project and are part of the project implementation process.

Federal Chamber of Architects and chartered Engineering Consultants


Karlsgasse 9/2
AT-1040 Vienna

Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia

Project partner

Vegova Ulica 8
SI-1000 Ljubljana
About ZAPS

Polytechnical University of Valencia

Project Partner

Camino de Vera SN Edificio 3A
ES-46022 Valencia

Federal Chamber of German Architects

Project partner

Askanischer Platz 4
DE-10963 Berlin

EU Liaison Office
85 Avenue des Nerviens
BE-1040 Brussels

ARVHA Association for the Research on the City and Housing

Project Partner

5, 7 rue perree
FR-75003 Paris

OXYS Management UG

Project partner

Mecklenburgstraße 32A
DE-19053 Schwerin Mecklenburg-Vorpommern