About the Project

Project Overview

The project “YesWePlan!”, is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and connects different European partner organisations with the aim of sharing experiences and best practice examples for closing the gender gap in the field of Architecture and Civil Engineering. This cooperation requires a profound understanding about the situation in each partner country in regard to gender equality, special challenges and potential promoters for improvements.

The project is approaching  this deep understanding in two ways: A country situation analysis that is based on a commonly developed data collection form and the development of a Career Tracking System that is able to give insight into career decisions and motives of a representative number of professionals.

Based on these information tools and on a collection of gender equality best practise examples in the partner countries a compendium will be developed that will not only provide tools but also recommendations for measures to improve gender equality in Architecture and Civil Engineering  to different relevant stakeholders.

Main Project Outputs

YesWePlan! Compendium 4 in 1 : PRACTICE


The country situations analysis regarding the situation of women /female Architects and Civil Engineers


The best practise collection


The YesWePlan! Career Tracking Analysis


Results and Recommendations

YesWePlan! Career Tracking System

Development of an online based data collection tool / common interview guidelines / data analysis form (based on country situation analysis) until summer 2020

Pilot conduct of survey by all partner organisations starting in November 2020 (6 months’ time): Online survey (30 min) min 200 respondents in total / interviews (60 min) min 100 respondents in total

Data procession and evaluation / reports / finalisations / recommendations etc. from June to October 2021