Career Tracker

The Career tracker is one of the Main Project Outputs – a tool which allows to collect and analyse relevant data and background information from professionals in the field of architecture and civil engineering. Areas of investigations are education, professional development and framework, knowledge, skills, required competences in the profession, family situation, experiences with discrimination, etc.

This makes it possible to:

  • trace individual occupational biographies in detail
  • evaluate a larger set of occupational biographies and identify similarities and differences
  • identify structural causes of discrimination in the workplace or at accessing the world of work in the first place
  • derivate, initiate or recommend sustainable actions for assuring equal treatment

On the basis of the obtained data and information together with the Country Situation Reports recommendations to relevant professional stakeholders such as Chambers, Universities, Offices will be defined and published. Based on this, study programmes, consulting services, business environments, etc. can be optimised.

The development of an online based data collection tool, common interview guidelines for extended interviews, a data analysis form and the pilot survey conduct by all partner organisations are focus tasks of the project.

The Career Tracker consists of two instruments and it is to be used as follows:

Online survey: A tailor-made questionnaire has been developed in 5 languages (English, German, French, Spain and Slovenian) and can be answered analogue or digitally.
Feel free to use the master version we have developed for the survey conducted within the course of our project, however, it is recommended to adjust the questionnaire to one’s specific demands, frameworks and objectives. Please contact and you will be provided with digital copies of any of the online questionnaires you request, including all user rights.

View the questionnaire in Google Forms (all language versions):

Download all language versions of the Online Questionnaire as a PDF:

Guided interviews: In addition to the rather quantitative online survey, qualitative interviews should also be conducted in order to collect background information and to better understand contexts.

For this purpose, the YWP! Project Group has developed the following interview guide, which you can modify as you wish.

For a clear evaluation of several interviews, we recommend using the following online form.

We recommend conducting interviews with about 10% – 20% of the participants in the questionnaire.

Evaluation and conclusions of action: Comparison of the results of Career Tracker data collection with the results and conclusions of the YwP! study. If necessary, formulation of concrete action instructions for changes to enable gender-equitable access to the professional fields of architecture and civil engineering and equal professional practice.

View / Download the Career Tracker here:

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