Best Practice Example – Austria

Traveling Exhibition – A focus on professional excellence of female Architects and Civil Engineers

The exhibition showing the work of female Austrian Architects and Civil Engineers related to the topic “designing and building in a historic environment” was initiated by the Committee of Female Architects and Chartered Engineers within the Austrian Federal Chamber of Architects and Chartered Engineering Consultants. The broad diversity of the fields of activities of Architects and Chartered Engineers is made visible on the posters. It includes the preservation of simple constructions, the revitalization of important cultural monuments, sophisticated technical reconstruction measures and the staging and implementation of modern shapes.

As the percentage of women in the profession is very low, the exhibition is about architectural and engineering excellence in historic environments but at the same time about raising the visibility of female professionals.

The travelling exhibition was issued at the occasion of the Day of Monuments in Graz in autumn 2015 and has been touring through Austria since. It has also crossed the borders and was shown at the Academy of Sciences in Ljubljana, Slovenia and at the Austrian Cultural Forum in Istanbul, Turkey. Further cross border expansions are planned. With each exhibition venue the collection was expanded by posters of projects from female architects and civil engineers from the different venues. In 2020 the Austrian part of the exhibition was transferred in a digital show, that is now visible on screens in different public places in Austria. The content of 80 projects is currently in the process of being enlarged to 120 projects.

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