International Women’s Day

On this year’s International Women’s Day, we would like to present various campaigns and events that discuss gender equality and help recognise the many excellent female professionals in Architecture and Civil Engineering.

Today, look out for the Hashtags #IngéEgalité (for French speakers) and #EqualityinEngineering in order to get involved with a campaign by Syntec-Ingénierie on Twitter and other social media platforms. This French representative federation has over 400 members and guides engineering companies for various issues and business development. Their campaign helps highlight projects, organisations and events that focus on Women in the engineering community.

On 1st March, the European Parliament met in Brussels to discuss how the energy crisis is affecting Women in particular with speeches by exemplary experts and further examine measures in order to combat inequality in this situation particularly. In his introductory speech, Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee Chair Robert Biedroń stressed that measures need to be put in place as the European Union is still 60 years away from gender equality. He called for improvements in abortion and freedom laws that are currently missing in many EU countries as well as further regulations to advance labour protection, the education system and social positions of Women. He expanded these demands to other vulnerable groups that are affected by structural inequalities and closed with an eager will to take action in these areas and therefore protect and enhance Women’s rights in the European Union.

The full transcript of his speech is available here, while the inter-parliamentary meeting can be rewatched under this link.