Results of the Femmes Architectes Award in France

On 15 November 2022, the annual award ceremony for the Prix Français des Femmes Architectes (French Award for Women Architects) was held in Paris. This is the tenth edition of said award, and it is still seen as an exemplary measure for honouring women in architecture. It was made to give recognition to female French architects and highlight their contributions to building culture.

YesWePlan! has listed the Femmes Architectes Award as a Best Practice Example, as this prize realises some of the essential recommendations put out with the YesWePlan! 4 in 1 Compendium. It even inspired the launch of the Austrian equivalent, the AnotHER VIEWture Award, which was held in Vienna in October of 2022 for the first time (click here to view our article on the AnotHER VIEWture Award ceremony).

The four categories (prize for young female architect, prize for an original work by a woman architect, overall prize for a woman architect as well as an award for an international female architect) all produce extraordinary winners and give light to their projects.

The winners of the individual categories were chosen by an all-female jury based on different categories. These were discussed and evaluated individually, giving each nomination particular care and attention. One jury member is Catherine Guyot, who is secretary general of the organising chamber ARHVA and president of the jury and played a vital role bringing the award to life and also participated in YesWePlan! as a project partner.

The winners of the Femmes Architectes Award are:

Christine Vega Iclesias as Young Woman Architect of 2022
Julie Degand for her project “Salle polyvalente et culturelle Sodbury” as original work by a woman architect in 2022
Rozana Montiel from Mexico as International Woman Architect of 2022
Chrystelle Avenier as Woman Architect of the Year

For more information, please visit the Femmes Architectes website.