AnotHER VIEWture Award Ceremony

On 20 October 2022, the first ever AnotHER VIEWture Award was held in Vienna in the Academy of Fine Arts. This architectural competition was created by the Austrian Federal Chamber of Engineering Consultants (BKZT) in order to give women in architecture and engineering recognition for their contributions to building culture and help shape the industry towards equality and diversity. As such, the AnotHER VIEWture award is a fresh Best Practice Example for YesWePlan!, being shaped after the listed example of the French Femmes Architectes award by project partner ARHVA.

The evening itself entailed a warm welcome by Daniel Fügenschuh, the president of the BKZT, and Bettina Dreier, who is the chairwoman of the Committee for Women Architects and Chartered Engineering Consultants and played a large role in realising YesWePlan! from the beginning. Monika Vana, Member of the European Parliament and the FEMM committee, was able to participate at the event via video message, where she expressed the importance of highlighting women in STEM professions.

The award ceremony continued by presenting two speakers who held informative and valuable presentations on women in architecture. The first was Barbara Zibell, a Swiss urban planner and expert on gender issues, as she gave an overview on the history of women in architecture and civil engineering, especially concerning architectural awards. The second presentation was held by Anna Resch, sociologist and cooperation partner of the YesWePlan! Project. As part of her Master thesis on “Women Architects and Civil Engineers in Austria – A Qualitative Analysis of Gender-Related Aspects of the Individually Shaped Life and Working Environment of Austrian Women Architects and Engineering Consultants”, she analysed some outputs of YesWePlan! further with a special focus on the Recommendations.

The highlight of the evening was reached as the awards were presented and distributed to the winners of the four categories.

Eva Gyüre, who played a key role in bringing the YesWePlan! project to life, explained the process behind the jury decisions as head of the all-female jury. The certificates were awarded by President of the Committee of Women Architects and Civil Engineering Consultants Katharina Fröch, congratulating each of the winners individually.

The award for (Austrian) Female Architect of the Year was secured by architect Barbara Poberschnigg for her economical use of resources in three different projects, the award was presented by Katharina Bayer.

The second category – Emerging Female Architect of the Year – was won by architect Catharina Maul. The jury chose her for her various designs, that particularly were designed with a sense of social responsibility and maturity despite her young age. Eva Álvarez, cooperation partner of YesWePlan! from Spain, held the laudatory speech for this award.

The last award reserved for Austrian nominees was the Female Engineering Achievement of the Year Award. For this accomplishment, Austrian engineering consultant Carla Lo was chosen with her design of the ‘schwimmende Gärten’. The presenting jury member Margarete Salzer congratulated her for her exemplary work in creating a comfortable and animating space right at the Danube Channel in Vienna.

The fourth and final award for International Female Architect of the Year was open for applications to Architects who are not from or working in Austria. This was awarded to Lithuanian architect Sabina Grincevičiūtė, who impressed the jury with her sustainability focussed projects. The listed examples included a contemporary conversion of a warehouse and a modern restoration of a concrete factory.

For more information on the AnotHER VIEWture award, please visit its website. We encourage you look at the winning designs and click through the shortlisted nominations as well.

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