French Prize for Women Architects

On 6th December 2021, the 9th edition of the Prix des Femmes Architectes was taking place in Paris, France.

The YesWePlan! Team had the honour to take part at the ceremony and to present the project to the audience.

From left to right: Eva Gyüre, BKZT Austria; Spela Nardoni Kuhar, ZAPS Slovenia, Iris Wex, BAK Germany; Catherine Guyot, ARVHA France; Daphne Leder, BKZT Austria; Michael Schwaiger, OXYS Management Germany

The whole event can be watched here as a youtube stream, for those interested the Presentation of the YesWePlan! Project (EN) starts at 00:26:00 in the video.

To learn more about the winners of this year´s Awards, go visit the website of ARVHA.